Building and Launching the Brand

Visual Identity and Website Development


The Project

Think back to childhood and your favorite outdoor activity on a perfect summer day. Research has shown that enriching summer experiences can profoundly influence children’s development. Change Summer was founded to address unequal access to high-quality summer programming and provides game-changing opportunities to low-income students to increase their independence, confidence, responsibility, and curiosity. Following several successful summers of their first program (Camp Uncommon), Change Summer partnered with Matterlab to build their brand to position them for expanded philanthropy, partnerships, and programs—all leading to greater impact in the lives of campers.


The Strategy

To capture the feel of summer camp and the mission of Change Summer, Matterlab prioritized building a visual brand identity, compelling online presence, and a ‘launch deck’ for Change Summer to appeal across camper, family, funder, and partner audiences. Through a close working partnership including vision sessions, design presentation and review, rounds of revision, and feedback loops, Matterlab produced Change Summer’s brand logo, color scheme, typography, and initial iconography. Equipped with these brand elements, we then designed and developed both the umbrella organization website ChangeSummer.org and a new program website CampUncommon.org. Matterlab then prepared a deck featuring the overarching story and strategy for Change Summer to be used with a variety of supporter audiences.


The Results

Change Summer is now prepared to proactively engage its target audiences in its efforts to raise substantial year one funding, secure new camp facilities, enroll 1,000 campers by 2019, and launch a second camp in summer 2020.