matterlab manages the annual report process from start to finish.


Raise more funds

An outstanding annual report is key to setting big gifts in motion. Your board of directors, development team, and existing donors need an A+ artifact to share with friends and friends-of-friends to amplify your story of impact. New donors will learn your mission, vision, strategy, and success before they ever shake your hand.

Align your team

They aren't just for external audiences. From small to large nonprofits, government entities to benefit corps, whatever the size of your enterprise - you need everyone in the same boat, rowing in the same direction with synchronicity and stamina. Annual reports reinvest your team about where you're going and why.

Build your brand

It's your signature piece. Putting your progress and personality on paper helps you recruit top talent, build buzz for future partnerships, publicize your affiliation to other well-regarded groups, freshen your look and feel to remain relevant, and influence first impressions by members of the media.